How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

woman washing hair

             One of the most asked questions by the new clients is: “How often should I wash my hair?” My answer is every day if you can air dry, and every 2-3 days if you have to use a blow dryer. 

The sweat (and oils) carry high levels of toxins, excreted by your body as a part of normal metabolic processes. As sweat dries, the salt and minerals bake into your hair, making it dry and brittle. So wash your hair often, use a moisturizing shampoo and a good, properly-chosen conditioner, scrub your scalp for a couple of minutes — and rinse, rinse, rinse!

If your hair gets oily too fast, your shampoo/conditioner needs to be changed. Also, always follow the washing instructions listed on the packaging — they are there for a reason. 


-Anya :)